The Road To Self Development…

“Those who seek a better life must first become a better person.” – Jim Rohn

Sounds simple enough, right? The hardest part is deciding where to start. In the simplest form there are a few obvious choices, the physical self, the mental self, the spiritual self. To me, physical self seems like as good a place as any to begin. I’ve played my share of sports in school. I was always a fairly healthy fella. It should be a piece of cake, right? Have you ever heard the saying, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth”?

Even though it was said by Iron Mike Tyson, it doesn’t only have meaning in the ring. My first excursion into the wonderful world of running did just that. It hit me in the mouth. I had my first exposure to what time does to the body. I took for granted my past, and didn’t respect how the passage of time can make things you previously did without much thought so difficult. For years, we ran as an afterthought. It was normally reserved for punishment. The whole “you will stop running when I get tired” sort of thing.


With that said, I completed two miles. No I wasn’t able to run the whole way. Hell, I couldn’t even make it most of the way. But I ran. Now I come to the second stage in my endeavor, continuation and motivation. I will admit, there were a couple of times out there under that southern sun I asked myself what was I thinking. I’m to old for this shit, as Danny Glover would say. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew from the start. But the farther I went the better I felt. I caught myself saying, “just around the next corner then I’ll turn around”. I kept going.

As I sit here, I’m trying to talk myself into going back out there. Talk myself into, may not be the best choice of words. I want to go, and most likely will. I just sit here and realize there is no accountability when doing something for yourself. There is nobody to answer to but yourself. Nobody to ask if you did or didn’t. Nobody to disappoint or make proud. Nobody to hold you accountable. It is totally on you. You have to ask if you are going to hold yourself accountable. What do you consider wins and losses in this situation. Can you make excuses as to why it didn’t happen? If so what excuses do you consider acceptable? I don’t think I would want to put all that on myself. I believe to save all that extra curricular thinking, I will just go run.


Store is finally taking shape…

Well after a lot of work and a little debate, the website is starting to come together. With local success at festivals and with return customers, I decided an online store was the way to go.

I currently have a small customer base filled with great people. People who recommend products on their own time to friends/co-workers, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. With that said, I have taken steps to set up an online shop. As of now, the products are not available for purchase through the store itself due to setting up payments, taxes, shipping, etc… but I hope to have that remedied soon.


I am happy with the current design. It does need information added about products and the brand itself, but overall it is pretty fleshed out. With that said, I am open to any criticism from users. I urge anyone with the time to check it out and give feedback on ease of use or missing content.

Subaru Adventures…

My new toy. Here are a few pictures of the Subie’s first gravel roads…. You gotta get a little dirt on the tires but don’t want to overdo it before  you pass 1k miles


Here’s to the Beginning of a Beautiful Journey…



So I was thinking the other day…. I know that’s not the best way to start off a story but there it is. I was in serious need for some dye for a sprayer. I found myself searching for marking additives on the wonderful world of once I had my small, single item, picked out I received a message I have never seen. “Add on item, must spend $25 to get this added to a shipment”.

Then the weirdest thing happened. I realized I had to spend the money to get the additives I needed, but I could not foe the life of me pick anything out to add to the shipment. I probably searched through the thousands upon thousands of items in the online store for a couple of hours. I searched through socks, shirts, camping gear, video games, and still came up empty. Then suddenly I had an idea. Let’s order some new beard balm.

After looking through all the different scents I decided on the “Gentileman’s Blend” from a company called Grave Before Shave.


It looks to be a bourbon scent oil and balm and should be arriving on my doorstep this very afternoon.

Once the un necessary transact was completed in order to complete the much smaller and less expensive necessary one, I thought to myself, “it can’t be that difficult to make this stuff”.

…. now to make a long story short, after much research, the carrier and essential oils will be arriving next week along with the cobalt blue glass 1oz bottles. Looks like I’m starting a journey with many unsuspecting members of my beard club to be test subjects. Let’s see what happens shall we….

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